Ninth Sunday after Pentecost
     Jesus says, “It is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” It is God’s promise from the beginning—to Abraham, to the early Church, and to the “little flock” of which we are a part in today’s assembly. Faith, God’s Baptismal gift, trusts the promises of God. Have no fear.
FIRST READING: Genesis 15: 1-12
      God promises childless and aging Abram that a child of his own will be his heir and that his descendants will number as many as the stars. Abram trusts God’s promise, and through this faith he is considered righteous.
PSALM: Psalm 33: 1-5, 12-22

SECOND READING: Hebrews 11: 1-3, 6-16
​     Abraham and Sarah exemplify the vision of faith that people of God enact in every age. Their hope and trust in God’s promise allowed them to face an unknown future and to receive the promise of God.

GOSPEL: Luke 12: 22-40
     Jesus encourages disciples to invest their hearts and live fully into God’s reign. Instead of facing life with fear, those who know God’s generosity are always ready to receive from God and to give to others.

     AUGUST 5-7 – St. James Lutheran Church off of Rome Hilliard Road, will have its annual Brats and Crafts festival. There will be softball, polka dancing, musical entertainment. It concludes on Sunday afternoon with a traditional German Worship Service at 2:30. 
     AUGUST 6 will be the Saints Simon and Jude Catholic Church
Women’s Group Annual Rummage Sale from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
9350 High Free Pike, West Jefferson, Ohio. 
     SEPTEMBER 4 – The Community Worship service at 9:00 at the park. Please join us if you can and have a donut and a cup of coffee while you worship. Since we are starting at the park, this is a dress down day. Where what you wish and then come to Zion for our 10:30 worship and a special day for us as we celebrate.  

     AUGUST 12 – Movie night. It has finally been decided that Movie night will be at the pool on the 12th and they will be showing Finding Nemo. They are going to have snacks and drinks. 
     SEPTEMBER 2-4 – Ox Roast Weekend. Come out and enjoy the festivities starting after the Football game on Friday through Monday. Lots to do, lots of ways to spend your money, and a boat-load of fair food to meet any fancy. 
     SEPTEMBER 3 –  OXROAST DANCE will be held at Garrett Park. Come and enjoy the new park and enjoy all of the work that has been done. This will be for all ages. 8-80. 
     OCTOBER 22 will be the annual FALL FESTIVAL. If you would like to volunteer to help with anything, call Shelton or Amanda here at the Community Center. Also look for a change of venue for the church service on October 23rd.

“God is not unjust; [God] will not overlook your work and the love you showed for [God’s] sake in serving the saints, as you still do.” (Hebrews 6:10)
Dear friend,
     You may have seen the distressing news about flash flooding in eastern Kentucky. A line of severe storms dumped record amounts of rain on the area, overflowing rivers and creeks onto streets and neighborhoods. The floodwaters rose in the middle of the night from July 27 to 28, leaving people little time to evacuate. 
     I’m writing to you today because, to respond, we need your help. 
     These severe floods are not limited to Kentucky. There has also been flooding in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, West Virginia and other states in the region. At the time of writing this note, the death toll in Kentucky was at 16 people, and more deaths are expected as search and rescue efforts continue. 
     Though hundreds of people have been rescued, the number of people missing is still unknown. Rising waters have damaged infrastructure, including roads, bridges and power lines, which hinders rescue efforts. The flooding has damaged hundreds of homes and other buildings and disrupted the lives of families.
     The survivors of the flooding need your support. Your gifts to "U.S. Flooding" will be used in full (100 percent) to assist those affected by the record-setting rainfall. 
     As the waters recede and the full scope of the damage is assessed, Lutheran Disaster Response will work with the Indiana-Kentucky Synod and local community partners to focus on long-term needs.  
     There are several ELCA churches in the impacted area, and we continue to be in communication with them. We anticipate our response to include rebuilding homes, replacing lost household items and providing emotional and spiritual care to survivors. 
     We will also continue to accompany survivors of the December 2021 tornadoes in western Kentucky.
     We pray that God’s presence will be felt amid suffering and bring comfort to those who are hurting. Together, we can show our neighbors in Kentucky that they are not alone. Thank you for your partnership.
In Christ’s service,
The Rev. Daniel Rift
Director, ELCA World Hunger and Lutheran Disaster Response Fund, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

     Please keep these people in your prayers: Michael Koch, Wesley and JoAnn Porter, Nicole Biler Robinette, and all of those who are still suffering from COVID 19 and their families. 
     Please remember all of our shut ins and sick: Arlene Castor. (Also, pray for the families and caretakers of those on the prayer list.)

     Please check the bulletin board behind the office door for all of the sign-up sheets for this year. Communion, birthday Sundays, and Worship Assistants/helpers. Thank you so much!
     You can also remember special occasions or special people by contributing money that would normally be used for altar flowers. Instead the donation goes to our local food pantry. 
   Zion has created an Amazon Smile account. If you use this link everytime you shop at Amazon,com, Zion will receive a 0.5 percent donation. Your cost doesn't change ... and Zion gets a rebate! Remember to Bookmark the page so you can get back to Zion's Amazon Smile page everytime you shop at
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August 7, 2022
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