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Need a Ride? No Thanks, I Think I’ll Walk
     A few weeks ago we shared a wonderful morning at Zion. I’d like to think they are all wonderful, but this one especially so. A baptism and confirmation. The first steps of a toddler as a child of God, the direction and pace of this part of her journey dependent upon her parents, her family and her sponsor. She will stumble. She will fall. But she will get back up each time, and we all pray that her direction remain firmly pointed toward our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
     Our confirmands are a bit further down the road on their journeys. They, too, will stumble and fall, and they, too, will rise each time. But with each step they take, they are more and more independent of the directions which may have been set forth by others. They now choose more of the path for themselves. We also pray for them, that their direction remains steady and true.
     But they are human. Imperfect. They may lose their way at times. Perhaps more than once. They may find themselves among the high weeds and off the trail altogether. Just like you and me.
            For we walk by faith, not by sight. - 2 Corinthians 5:7
     That seems simple enough. But it is far tougher than any of us imagined as we continue our own journeys and sometimes get lost along the way. To walk by faith takes courage and strength. It takes patience. We must be willing to give up many aspects of control within our lives, frequently in areas that we have fought to gain control for ourselves in the first place. The journey is often
difficult but it is both a tremendous blessing and reward. Walking by faith allows us to see and experience God in all His fullness and grace.
     Walking by faith requires our obedience to God and may take us to places we’ve never known. It means we hold onto dreams that God has planted within our hearts even though with each step we may fail to realize we are making any progress at all. Life doesn’t always look like how we planned. Walking by faith means the courage and love to stand up for others and lift each other up at times when we need lifting ourselves. Lifting them to their own path, not ours, but pointing them directly toward Jesus Christ.
     A walk of faith forces us out of our own comfort zones. We must be willing to let God turn our world upside down and shake it – like a snow globe! Shaken. Settled. Then start all over again. Sometimes the result may be a calling to a particular ministry. Sometimes the result may be a painful time within our lives. But whatever the result, give it to God. Surrender and ask Him to use it to change your life, and He will lead your journey and teach you to walk by faith.
     Continue taking steps each day. You may wobble like a toddler at times, and perhaps run when you should only walk. But take a step. Don’t stand still. You’ll never see more than you see right now if you stand still. God has in store for us great things. Surrender to Him and let Him lead your way as you take each step on your journey.​
Blessings to all this holiday season,
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